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Home Study Services

A Colorado statute requires all Colorado adoptive families preparing to adopt to have a current approved family assessment (previously known as a home study) from a licensed child placement agency such as International Adoption Net. Adoption services through our agency must include a full family assessment conducted by a member of our staff unless you have had a previous family assessment, in which case a member of our staff may only need to update your family assessment. 

We view the family assessment process as an important educational experience in which you build a relationship with a professional adoption worker who is trained in the issues of adoption.  You will discuss your childhood and life experiences, your marital relationship, your personal strengths and weaknesses, and your dreams for the future, among other topics.  It is helpful to think of the process as a cooperative effort between you and your adoption worker in which you will openly and honestly assess who you are, what you want, and your ability to successfully adopt  and whether adoption is a good idea for you at this time.

Entering into the family assessment process does not guarantee that your family assessment will be approved.  Please be reassured that in most cases where there is a decision not to continue it is usually the family who makes the decision after exploring adoption with their adoption worker. But if at any time during the family assessment your adoption worker believes that the agency will not be able to recommend you for approval for an adoptive placement, her concerns will be discussed with you.  Or, if there are issues that need closer assessment than is normally included in the adoption process, the agency may ask you, at your expense, to supplement the family assessment with an independent psychological or marital evaluation with an agency-referred professional.

When the interviews are completed and the required documents submitted, your adoption worker prepares a written family assessment and submits it to the Placement Supervisor.  The Placement Supervisor will review your family assessment with the supporting documents, and then will advise you as to whether the agency will be able to place an adoptive child in your home.  It takes approximately six weeks, on average, to complete a family assessment through our internal review process.  Once approved by IAN's placement supervisor, your family assessment is sent to the State of Colorado for review and approval. If you are adopting internationally, once approved by the state, IAN forwards it to USCIS who, upon final approval, will issue your approval (I-171H) to bring an orphan into the US.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the adoption worker who provides your family assessment will work with you during the entire process from beginning to completion.  He/She has a limited caseload and a commitment to be available to you when you need her help.

Please call 303-691-0808 to obtain more information on the services we can provide for your adoption.

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